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The Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) Challenge

Solutions for one of fraud's biggest issues


Pixalate's blog series brings you up to speed on all things SSAI, providing you with background, current solutions and best practices, and a look ahead.


Pixalate is hosting a webinar on the use of SSAI in Connected TV/OTT advertising. Register today to learn from the industry's top experts.


Pixalate's SSAI eBook will provide in-depth insight and analysis on the state of SSAI and what your business can do to take control and reduce risk. (coming soon)


See how Pixalate, the only company with MRC accreditation for SIVT detection and filtration for OTT video advertising, protects your business from threats.


See what others in the industry are saying about server-side ad insertion (SSAI) and its impact in the OTT/CTV ad ecosystem.

SSAI Blog Series

Background: What is SSAI?

A primer on server-side ad insertion (SSAI), the hidden driver of ad fraud in Connected TV/OTT. What is SSAI? Where it is used? How common is it? How do fraudsters use it? All this and more answered in the blog.

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Pixalate's approach

How Pixalate approaches SSAI measurement. Pixalate, a leader in SSAI measurement, is educating the marketplace on the dangers of invalid SSAI.

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Industry standards

How are the digital ad industry's governing bodies approaching SSAI? Pixalate overviews the latest standards.

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The buyer's perspective

What do DSPs, agencies, and brands need to know about SSAI? We've spoken to many buyers about OTT/CTV advertising, and we often get asked the same questions. Here's what you need to know.

Coming July 2019

Common myths

What's real and what's a myth? Pixalate breaks down some of the most commonly-heard untruths about SSAI.

Coming July 2019

SSAI Webinar

Reserve your spot for Pixalate's expert webinar on SSAI. Learn how to protect your business from the hidden dangers of SSAI.

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SSAI eBook (coming June 2019)

of all SSAI is invalid

Our SSAI eBook will serve as the most comprehensive stat-pack on the state of OTT/CTV advertising — and the role SSAI plays in the ecosystem.

  • Latest trends in OTT/CTV
  • Updated stats on SSAI
  • Best practices to reduce risk
  • Expert commentary
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OTT/CTV ad fraud solutions

Pixalate, the only MRC-accredited solution for OTT sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) detection and filtration, is the leading anti-fraud solution for OTT advertisers. Our engineering team has closely studied invalid traffic behavior in OTT to develop best-in-class products to protect your growing investments.

Pre-bid blocking

Pixalate exclusively prevents ad fraud in Connected TV/OTT with two pre-bid blocklists:

  • Pre-bid blocklist: OTT Device IDs
  • Pre-bid blocklist: IPv6 (includes OTT)

Read our blog to learn more about our OTT/CTV pre-bid blocklists.

Pixalate Analytics

We monitor over 1.5 million apps, 80 million domains, and 75 million OTT devices - detecting over 35 types of invalid traffic (IVT) across display, in-app, video and OTT formats - to give you the industry’s only complete coverage platform.

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Relevant News

Need more information about SSAI and the OTT/CTV advertising ecosystem? Here are some of the latest articles from around the web.


Ad fraudsters exploit massive loophole in OTT

MediaPost reports on some "disturbing new evidence that the burgeoning OTT ad marketplace is highly susceptible to fraud."

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What is the OTT ad fraud rate?

eMarketer examines the latest stats on OTT/CTV ad fraud.

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Amazon: What is SSAI?

Amazon's AWS breaks down Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) from a technical perspective.

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IAB study: 67% of consumers worldwide have live streamed video

A recent IAB study shows that more than half of worldwide consumers prefer free, ad-supported live stream experiences.

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The Challenges of SSAI

Dan Rayburn's Streaming Media Blog explores the positives of SSAI while also addressing its challenges.

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