Which publishers have listed Thrive+ on their ads.txt file?


The IAB's ads.txt project aims to improve transparency in programmatic.

Some buyers are reaching out to publishers asking to be added to their ads.txt file, claiming they will stop buying their inventory unless they are listed on the file, per an AdExchanger report.

AdExchanger writes: "But the publishers have the leverage. It’s the buyers who are at risk because if they aren’t added to Ads.txt, they can’t resell the publisher’s inventory. If that’s their only business model, they’re in trouble."

Thrive+ has been identified by some in the industry, including AdExchanger, as one (but not the only) company asking to be added to ads.txt files. Fill out the form to download the full list of 70 sites that have added thrive.plus to their ads.txt files. This list is updated as of November 2, 2017.

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